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Orange Nissan 350z with body kit

Learn about our car cleaning essentials

At Boss Car Care, we have everything you need to bring out the best in your motor. From specialised products to gift sets, learn more about our range, and place an order with our team.

Eco-friendly car care

At Boss Car Care we specialise in supplying a full range of car cleaning essentials. Whether you are serious about car detailing, or you just want to keep your family car looking fresh, our user-friendly products are the ideal choice. 

Our range is eco-friendly, pet-safe, and clearly labelled to prevent mixing up your detailing products!

Order online with ease, and enjoy UK-wide delivery on any purchase. You can also contact our team for help with your order, as well as our product recommendations.



Don't forget: spend £69.99 or more, and delivery is free!

Cleaning package

Our range includes:

Snow foam

Wax and detailing products

Glass cleaner

Red car being jet washed

A product which has grown massively in popularity, snow foam is a fantastic pre-wash product. Ideal for removing dirt and preparing the exterior surface for further cleaning.

Waxing a silver car

Bring out a showroom shine and protect your paintwork. We stock a selection of wax compounds, quick detailer sprays and more. Hand-apply and machine-apply products available.

Hand wiping on surface of car windows

Using the right glass cleaner ensures streak-free windows, meaning your vision of the road is unimpaired. Our products also help to provide a water-repellent effect, keeping glass clearer for longer.

Alloy wheel cleaner

Interior products

Clothes, sponges and mitts

Close-up of modern alloy car wheel. The brake disc is visible behind of wheel bars
Clean and tidy car interior

Whether painted, chromed or polished, we have wheel cleaners for you! Our products remove road grime, brake dust and more, without damaging the surface.

Ensure leather, plastic, wood and rubber look their best. We stock a range of products suitable for use on interior surfaces.

Man wiping car interior panels

When cleaning your vehicle, it's important to choose equipment that won't scratch surfaces. We sell a range of microfibre cloths, interior cleaning tools, sponges and wash mitts.

Want to know more about our car cleaning essentials?

For support with your order, please feel free to email Boss Car Care, at

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